Download our 2018 FLYER with rules and order form here
Download 2018 Ticket Order Forms here

Download 2018 - 11 x 17 POSTER here

 For the 7 PM drawings listed on the flyer, it reads the WV Daily 3 and 4 on the date of 7/28/17.  I (Susie Goodwin) missed changing the year when proofreading.  It should be 7/28/18.  The actual 2018 ticket has the correct date information.  Sorry for any confusion.

TICKET ORDERS MAY BE MAILED OUT A FEW DAYS LATER THAN ORDERED:  Due to the high volume of online and mail-in orders we are receiving, we are unable to fill all of the orders on the same day as they are received.  Please bear with us.  We hope to "catch up" within the next couple of weeks.

No Longer Accepting PAYPAL Payments

Until the 2018 Summer Bash!
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