Download our 2018 FLYER with rules and order form here
Download 2018 Ticket Order Forms here

Download 2018 - 11 x 17 POSTER here

 For the 7 PM drawings listed on the flyer, it reads the WV Daily 3 and 4 on the date of 7/28/17.  I (Susie Goodwin) missed changing the year when proofreading.  It should be 7/28/18.  The actual 2018 ticket has the correct date information.  Sorry for any confusion.

TICKET ORDERS MAY BE MAILED OUT A FEW DAYS LATER THAN ORDERED:  Due to the high volume of online and mail-in orders we are receiving, we are unable to fill all of the orders on the same day as they are received.  Please bear with us.  We hope to "catch up" within the next couple of weeks.

Our office will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Until the 2018 Summer Bash!



  If you miss the section to leave us a NOTE when placing your order through PayPal, and you want us to open your ticket and fill out your ticket stub(s) for you, please email us IMMEDIATELY after placing your order to ask us to do so.  Our email address is  You must ask us to fill out your stubs, so we will have it in writing and can attach the request directly to your order.  The information we need is as follows:  Ticketholder's name, address, phone number & 0 - 1 or 2 attending for each stub.  Attendance information is how we plan for food on the day of the event, so if you think you might attend, say yes.  We would rather have too much food than not enough.

If you plan to send a check and want us to fill out your stub, pre-printed address labels are always appreciated.  With so many different styles of handwriting, some are very hard to decipher.  You can download and print our order forms above.  You only need an order form if you are mailing your payment.  If you had a ticket in our 2017 event, you should receive a flyer via US Mail.

IF WE DO NOT FILL OUT STUBS FOR YOU, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you return your original, completed, bottom ticket stubs to us as soon as possible.  If we don't have the stubs, we have no way of knowing your ticket number, and your entry will not be registered in our event.

  When you get to the PayPal checkout page, you may see a note that says, “Please contact Ellenboro Vol. Fire Dept at 304-869-3244.”  We have no way of changing that, as it shows through the PayPal website.  You do not need to contact us unless you have a question about the Summer Bash or about your order.

If you plan to order online through PayPal, please keep in mind that online ordering through PayPal will shut down without notice when we are out of tickets here at the fire department.  FYI:  We sold out here at the fire department in less than 2 months for our 2017 event. More and more folks are purchasing our tickets to give as Christmas gifts, so we keep selling out earlier and earlier.

EXCEPT FOR HOLIDAYS:  You can usually catch us at the fire department between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM, Monday thru Friday & from 8 AM to NOON on Saturday.  We are closed on Sundays.

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